Groups and friends network changes update  

Andrew 53M  
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4/24/2006 10:25 pm

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4/27/2006 10:11 pm

Groups and friends network changes update

Just wanted to give a heads-up on upcoming changes to groups and friends network. Our first set of changes are to enable better sorting (e.g., by last visit) of member lists. To enable this, we had to make major changes to the structure of the databases which had grown to almost 100 million rows. Unfortunately, this will either be a very smooth and happy transition or very bumpy. We will be rolling out the changes on smaller sites on Wednesday, and if smooth roll out to this one on Thursday.

Also, we've put several of the developers on "fix existing bugs" jobs for the next two weeks so the next release should address many issues. I really appreciate all the member feedback and support and
exciting for the improvements to come.

rm_DaphneR 62F
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4/24/2006 11:04 pm

I'm really trying to resist the urge to call you a comment whore and give you a hard time about posting just to keep your spot on the top male bloggers list. (Hey, [blog travelingintexas] hasn't been around lately, I have to have someone to pick on.)

In all honesty it's been great having you check in and keeping us informed. The last updates seemed to go in without any big hitches, which is always a plus. So, since I'm sure you get to hear a whole lot more bitching than thanks, let me take this opportunity to say thanks and job well done so far.

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MyHeartLost4U 56M
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4/24/2006 11:51 pm

I think this is great news to hear and will ease some of the tension of many members of groups and also the moderators.

Believe me when I tell you Andrew, things have not only been tough on you and your team of programmers end, but tough on many moderators of active groups trying to keep from losing the members interest in the groups and the entire site in general; At least I know that is true for me and a few other moderators and members that have try to keep the complaints to a minimum by explaining and sharing our knowledge of what programming, upgrades and updates can entail.

Once again thanks for all the hard work that you and your team of programmers been doing as of lately, and also for this update so we members can be aware and prepared.

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MyHeartLost4U 56M
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4/25/2006 12:11 am

Andrew,I do want to point out one thing that may be of cause to the group settings with not being able to update them. It seems that the meta tags (keywords) in the group settings are not being stored or saved. I am not sure if that is a cause of moderator of groups not being able to update their group settings, but I would assume it is a part of the db structure of the group settings.

redrobin012057 64F

4/25/2006 12:30 am

Hello Andrew.Iwish to remain optimistic and yet at the same time I have my reservations.My group Bitch Sessionhas been on disabled for 9-10 days now,its gotten to the stage where the frustration has gone.And I am not sure if I will have any members left

rm_justron9000 60M
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4/25/2006 1:26 pm

not sure why we need to know the last time someone signed in to a group. but sure am happy to see that someone is looking into the existing bugs. thank you. (putting on seat belt)

rm_songbird5419 66F
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4/26/2006 4:33 am

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Hung...ditto, Amen, and HALLELUJAH!!!! That's the bottom line as far as I'm concerned!!!

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qyxx 64F
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4/26/2006 6:51 pm

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Exactly....The bells and whistles do not impress me if the train still doesn't run


rm_1hotwahine 67F
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4/27/2006 11:57 pm

So if our networks are acting strangely (will only show me first page of network friends, continually tells me about two network invites even though I've repeatedly accepted one and declined another) we should just hold tight for awhile?

Thank you for the updates. It really helps when we know what's going on.

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themisskrissy 61F
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4/28/2006 8:10 pm

many of us still want to know who to contact or what the situation is with regards to the Magazine.. there are a lot of unhappy campers there too! no one seems to get any answers from anywhere on the problems, or possible fix. i have read a number of folks are not paying anymore money to the site for the lack of direct information and a totally dysfunctional system.. customers don't much like being ignored.

thank you

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